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World Kidney Day 2022: Theme, History and Meaning and More

World Kidney Day 2022: Check Date, Theme, History, Significance, and Chronic Kidney Disease here. World Kidney Day 2022: It is observed on the second Thursday of March every year, and this year it will be celebrated on March 10.
World Kidney Day is celebrated annually on the second Thursday of March. This year, it is celebrated on March 10.
World Kidney Day is a global health awareness campaign that focuses on the importance of the kidneys, reducing the impact and frequency of kidney disease.
World Kidney Day 2022: Theme
The theme of World Kidney Day 2022 is "Kidney Health for All - Bridge the knowledge gap to better kidney care". In 2021, the theme was "Kidney Health for Everyone Everywhere – Living Well with Kidney Disease."
The objective of this day is to raise awareness about kidneys and highlight diabetes and high blood pressure which are the key factors for chronic kidney disease (CKD).
It encourages a systematic screening of patients with diabetes and hypertension for CKD.
It also encourages preventive behaviours.
It educates all medical professionals about their
World Kidney Day 2022: Theme The World Kidney Day Joint Steering Committee declared the year 2022 of ‘Kidney Health for All’, with the campaign focusing on bridging gaps to improve kidney health. Organisations also raise kidney care education in schools and institutions and awareness in the public arena.
Rules for Keeping Kidneys Healthy
- Take a healthy diet.
- Maintain a routine, be fit and active.
- Check and control blood sugar
- Check and control blood pressure
-Take the proper amount of fluids during the day.
- Do not smoke.
- Don't take pain killer pills or anti-inflammatory drugs regularly.
- Get your kidney function checked if there is one or more h

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