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The 8 Biggest Box Office Bombs of the '80s

It's easy to forget, but with all the talk about film as art and the lack of originality in Hollywood, it's important to remember that, for better or worse, the film industry is a business, and sometimes money talks.

Inchon (Lost $40.8 million)
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Terence Young's war epic about the turning point of the Korean War should have been a critical and box office success. On paper, this is a movie that has everything going for it, but Inchon ran into numerous problems during production that shot his budget up to $46 million.

Ishtar (Lost $40.6 million)
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Probably one of the most infamous comedy flops of the '80s, Ishtar's box office flop and critical rabble remains legendary to this day. The epic adventure comedy had a budget of almost $51 million and only grossed $14.4 million.

Heaven's Gate (Lost $40.5 million)
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The film, which cost $44 million to make, ended up losing the studio $40.5 million after only earning $3.5 million at the box office.

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (Lost $38.5 million)
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The film opened in a limited release despite its hefty $46.7 million budget, with the studio losing around $38.5 million.

Krull (Lost $33.5 million)
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Krull was a colossal financial failure across the board, losing the studio somewhere in the $33.5 million ballpark when counting advertising and distribution.

Highlander (Lost $13.1 million)
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It made only $5.9 million in the U.S. on a $19 million budget. Its worldwide earnings didn’t help either, as its $12.8 million total was still low.

Labyrinth (Lost $12.1 million)
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which ended up as a financial failure, grossing only $12.9 million in the United States. Even though it ended up surpassing its $25 million worldwide budget with $34 million, the damage had already been done and the failure of Labyrinth weighed heavily on Jim Henson.

Blade Runner (Lost $2.4 million)
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Its $30 million budget was no slouch for the time being, and while its $6 million opening weekend was considered a decent start, Star Trek. II: Wrath of the Khan. and E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, ending its run at $27.6 million.

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