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The 13 Best Possible Fictional Hockey Teams (With Image)

Best Possible Fictional Hockey Teams: Assistant coach: Murray Chadwick, Assistant coach: Judge Walter Burns, Head coach: Gordon Bombay, Goaltender: Denis Lemieux, Goaltender: Tommy Hanrahan

Assistant coach: Murray Chadwick ('Youngblood')

©United Artists

Assistant coach: Judge Walter Burns ('Mystery, Alaska')

©Buena Vista Pictures

Head coach: Gordon Bombay ('The Mighty Ducks' franchise)

©Walt Disney Pictures

Goaltender: Denis Lemieux ('Slap Shot')


Goaltender: Tommy Hanrahan ('Slap Shot')


Goaltender: Julie "The Cat" Gaffney ('The Mighty Ducks' franchise)


Defenseman: Derek Thompson ('Tooth Fairy')

©20th Century Fox

Defenseman: Ross "The Boss" Rhea ('Goon')

©Alliance Films; Magnet Releasing

Defenseman: "Tree" Lane ('Mystery, Alaska')


Defenseman: Greg Goldberg ('The Mighty Ducks' franchise)


Defenseman: Dave "Killer" Carlson ('Slap Shot')


Forward: Dean Youngblood ('Youngblood')

©United Artists

Forward: Brandon Walsh ('Beverly Hills, 90210')


The 24 Best Possible Fictional Hockey Teams

©Universal Pictures