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Holi 2022: 5 Best Kanji Recipes for Your Holi Party

Holi 2022 Special: Here're 5 Kanji Recipes For You To Try: Kanji Vada, Gajar Kanji, Berry Kanji, Dahi Kanji, Beetroot-Carrot Kanji. This year, Holi falls on March 18, 2022.
This year, Holi falls on March 18, 2022. To make the day an indulgent event, we're bringing you five of our favorite kanji recipes that are sure to add a little zing to your palate.
Kanji Vada:
A classic street food, Kanji Vada is a traditional Holi drink in various households, especially in Rajasthan and Gujarat.
Gajar Kanji:
What makes this drink special is the fact that it includes only three ingredients: gajar (preferably the darker one), mustard seeds, and salt. That's it. All you need to do is boil the gajar in water, add mustard seeds and salt to it and soak it in the sun for 3-4 days. And your gajar kanji is ready to drink.
Berry Kanji: We also found a unique kanji recipe for you.
Dahi Kanji:
A traditional recipe from Odia, Dahi kanji is traditionally prepared with rice water, curd, vegetables and some spices.
Beetroot-Carrot Kanji:
It is basically gajar kanji with beetroot added to it.

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Happy Holi 2022, everyone!

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