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Here are the essential Woodstock playlist [With Image]

The essential Woodstock playlist: Freedom, Going up the Country, Voodo Child, Work Me Lord, Summertime Blues, Younger Generation, Coming into Los Angeles, The Weight, White Rabbit, I Put a Spell on You, I Want to Take You Higher and more

Going Home, Ten Days After

Despite the riffs of Hendrix and the vocals of Stone, it's Alvin Lee who rocked the house harder than anyone. His rendition of Going Home is quite possibly the hardest song of its era.
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Evening Raga, Ravi Shankar

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Kobe vs. Mcgrady. Pacino vs. De Niro. Ravi vs. Rhaka. This performance is right up there with the great duels, as Ravi and Rakha trade riffs like two boxers trading punches in the ring.

With a Little Help From My Friends, Joe Cocker

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The greatest live performance ever. Joe Cocker turns the Beatles ditty into a full-blown, full-throttle, fully-intoxicating parade of organs, vocals, guitars, and air guitars worthy of a Lance Stephenson celebration.

Everything's Gonna Be Alright, Paul Butterfield

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Stuck in the 6 am slot on Monday morning, Paul Butterfield is one of the concert's most underrated acts.

Judy Blue Eyes, Crosby, Stills and Nash

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The lead track on Crosby, Stills and Nash, Judy Blue Eyes is arguably the band's most recognizable tune.

Helplessy Hoping, Crosby, Stills and Nash

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This catchy tune about a broken couple was a hit for CSN in 1969. Since its release, it's sold millions of records and has been studied in classrooms for its use of alliteration.

The Fish Cheer/I'm Fixin'-to-Die-a-Rag, Country Joe Mcdonald

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Protest songs don't get any better than this. Sing-a-longs don't get any better than this. Rednecks with earrings don't get any better than this.

Joe Hill, Joan Baez

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Woodstock wasn't all sex, drugs, and rock & roll--it was also a protest against the war. Joan Baez knew that and gave the crowd a protest song for the ages.

I Want to Take You Higher, Sly & The Family Stone

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Considered one of the great live performances, this soul classic has enough energy to power an entire city. You can't listen to it without moving to the beat.

I Put a Spell on You, Credence Clearwater Revival

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I Put a Spell on You is unlike any other Credence track out there. It saw John Fogerty adding a touch of vinegar to his vocals