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10 Wrestlers of the 1980s Who Have Disappeared into Oblivion

10 Wrestlers From The 1980s That Disappeared Into Oblivion: The Fantastics, Sam Houston, David Sammartino, "Iceman" King Parsons, Rockin' Robin, Corporal Kirchner, Ron Bass, Siva Afi, Tom McGee, Dr. D" David Schultz

"Dr. D" David Schultz

David Schultz - IMDb

Tom McGee

Tom McGee - IMDb

Siva Afi

Siva Afi - Youtube

Ron Bass

Ron Bass - IMDb

Corporal Kirchner

Corporal Kirchner - Wikipedia

Rockin' Robin

Rockin' Robin - IMDb

"Iceman" King Parsons

King Bailey Parsons Jr. - IMDb

David Sammartino

David Sammartino

Sam Houston

Sam Houston (wrestler) - Wikipedia

The Fantastics

Fantastics - Wikipedia